Identification and Address Verification

Before setting up your client record with us, we need to get to know you. Bringing the following documents to your meeting with your lawyer helps us to check your identity, your name and your address. There are two parts to this request.


Please choose from ONE of the following for acceptable identity documents:


Please choose ONE of the following list for address verification (please note that we require original documents and dated within the last 12 months):

  • Statement or a letter from a registered New Zealand bank showing your account details
  • Credit card statement, showing your account details, from one of the following institutions: Farmers, The Warehouse, Gem or Q card
  • Statement or letter showing your account details from one of the following institutions: WBS or Rabobank
  • Statement or letter showing your unique customer reference number from Farmlands, Computershare, Bramwell Brown, Rival Wealth, JB Were, Forsyth Barr, Hobson Wealth, NZ Capital or Craigs Investment Partners
  • Utility bill (must be for a fixed line utility, not a mobile phone; e.g. electricity, gas, landline telecommunications)
  • Insurance documents showing the policy number or unique customer reference number
  • Local Council notification/rates demand
  • Government-issued document (e.g. court document, Inland Revenue Department letter)

HELPFUL HINT – It would be useful for us to have a bank deposit slip or a printout, stamped by your bank, verifying the bank account number that you will use for your transaction.