At Gawith Burridge we like to have a solid understanding of our clients’ businesses. We don’t just like to know what’s happening at a superficial level, we want to understand why it’s happening, and the people behind the decisions. We take relationships with all our clients very seriously – Our job is to ensure that we understand your requirements fully, and translate our service to meet your expectations.

We can advise our clients on all aspects of buying, selling, developing and leasing property. Believe us when we say that we understand the stresses involved in property transactions – work in this area makes up a significant area of our practice.  But through our experienced team we hope to make this process as stress free and cost effective as possible. We know many of the key people involved in the sector, and have strong relationships with banks, local council, real estate agents, etc so we can get the answers you need, when you need them. When things don’t go to plan we’ve got experience in alternative dispute resolution processes – we can talk straight, without all the legal jargon, and work out a way to work towards the outcome you want.

There are a number of good reasons why a person should consider setting up a family trust. However, each individual’s circumstances will differ markedly, so it is important you seek legal advice on whether and which kind of trust is right for you. Our advice ensures that your trust is established and maintained correctly, and that you and your trustees are aware of your obligations.

You can find more details on our Trusts page.

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. Making a Will should not be a daunting prospect. However, an effective Will needs to take into consideration legislation that can impact on your wishes – such as claims by relatives and relationship property considerations. We can help you prepare a Will that ensures that your wishes are not frustrated by factors that have not been thought of – it’s our job to make sure that we’ve covered all the bases.  Our care for clients extends to ensuring management of your affairs even after your death.

We have experienced, knowledgeable and considerate people who can look after your Estate so that you and your family don’t need to worry. Find out more on our Estates page.

Employment problems can be very stressful situations for both employer and employee. We can help advise you on all employment law matters and on the range of resolutions (including mediation) that are available to clients. The area of employment law is constantly changing. Our service offers experience, integrity and a genuine empathy towards clients who find themselves dealing with complex, and often stressful, employment situations.

At Gawith Burridge we offer clients a family law service. The Gawith Burridge team is able to advise on relationship property matters, separations, dissolution of marriage, wills and powers of attorney.

Being located in the Wairarapa, the team at Gawith Burridge have a long history of involvement in assisting our rural clients with their legal needs. Farming is the backbone of the Wairarapa region’s economy, and work in this area makes up one of the largest areas of our practice. We work with Sheep & Beef, Dairy, Arable Contracting, and Viticultural/Horticultural clients throughout the Wairarapa region. Our experience in the rural sector is one on the strengths of our firm.

Gawith Burridge provide a full range of legal services to private, local body , and corporate clients throughout the Wairarapa and New Zealand. We currently have a team of over 25, partners, consultants, and staff working at all levels of expertise.

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